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Estelle from Esmod Lyon

This fall (2019) we had an exchange student at Esmod Oslo from Esmod Lyon in France. Read the student interview with Estelle below. You can also read about our exchange opportunities in this post (It´s in norwegian), or you can contact us for more information.

Name: Estelle Lagrange Age: I'm twenty City you are from: I am from Aix les Bains in Savoie in France but the week I live in Lyon. Esmod school: Esmod Lyon Instagram: estellelagrange

Website: I have got my own brand since 1 year babibalublog

Estelle in Oslo

Why did you you apply to study fashion design?

I apply to study fashion design because I love sewing and fashion since I was little. 

Why did you want to exchange to Esmod Oslo?

I want to exchange to Esmod Oslo because I always wanted to discover a nordic country. 

What have you done before Esmod?

Before I started Esmod I have been 3 years in a fashion high school and one year of art design.

Estelle with her modell in her exam dress last year - Esmod Lyon

Can you tell about what you have assignments you have done here at Esmod Oslo?

In Esmod Oslo I have done a groupe project of sportswear in collaboration with Bergans.

What do you do outside of studying?

Outside of the study I really work hard for growing up my brand, so I sew all the time.

What did you find the most fun with being at Esmod Oslo?

Being at Esmod Oslo was really cool because I have discover a way of working much less stressful and more relaxe.

From Estelles intstagram

Would you recommend to exchange to other Esmod schools?

Yes! I really recommend to other to exchange to other Esmod schools because it's very enriching to discover new ways of working.

- Estelle

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