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Practice makes perfect! - Grace Iche

Lurer du på hva studentene lærer og hva de tenker om å gå på Esmod Oslo?

Førsteårsstudent Grace deler litt om sin studiehverdag, erfaringer og tanker om faget modelisme.


Age: 35

Nationality: NIGERIAN. 

Instagram: iamgraceucha

Talking about drawing, painting and design, I had no experience in this area so I had to learn on board and I am really trying to improve! Actually one doesn't have to know all of it before attending Esmod because the teachers are amazing in teaching  you no matter your level of understanding.... Added to that one must be ready to practice, practice practice. As the saying goes "practice makes perfect!

Modellism is all about pattern making and drafting of designing which includes draping. So far it has been interesting, but it comes with its own kind of stress being that it's all new. Having to learn precision, accuracy and managing work time all together is nerve racking!

I've learnt a lot just this past weeks from constructing and draping of the straight, flared, yoke and panel skirts to sewing. Also learnt how to sew a slant pocket, Jeans pocket, jeans fly, zippers and more! As easy as the flared skirt looked, it gave me serious headache.. Hahahahaha... Also the "vent slit" was very confusing at first but when i got the hang of it i felt like "Yo, i just won a trophy"..😅😅 The straight skirt, the yoke, were kind to me.  I also loved making the college sweater with a creative material :)

I am amazed at how far i have come in this short period and i am soooooo looking forward to learning more! I will love to be a creative director or a fashion & design teacher in the nearest future but first things first, i must start from the foundation which is Esmod!


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